Writer's Life Mixtape

by Doc Whisper

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released January 10, 2014




Doc Whisper Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: A Pen Like Me (Prod. by DJ Cvince)
I write a lot. And I've gone through a lot of pens in my life. I've had ghetto pens and I've had nice pens, but never a bad one. They say the pen is mightier than the sword and it's true. What it writes can change the world. If the pen could speak, I bet it would have a lot to say. And maybe it would say this...

Verse 1:
Just hold me close, and I’ma paint the sky,
Write your every inner thought then let the ink on the paper dry,
Just me and you, creatin’ steadily,
I would give your last thought some energy, ain’t never had a pen like me,
And ever since you was a small boy,
You were scribblin’ with lyricism from my ball point,
It’s hard to hang when you can’t think,
But when you can, just let me know and I’ll command ink,
With ya hand print,
And when you’re in a zone, writing is your forte,
Utilize me to find that I’m mightier than swordplay,
Click on my tip, I’m the fuel behind your thoughts,
I’m a flip the script, soon as you’re free of writer’s block,
Whether poetry, or homework,
Empty my clip until the pain inside you don’t hurt,
With a cold verse, whether singer or an emcee,
I’m down with you til the very end, ‘cause you ain’t never had a pen like me…

(Hook 2x):
I’m down with you, so write with me,
Your poetry’s controllin’ me, ‘cause you ain’t never had a pen like me…
Just keep writing to the beat,
Your poetry’s controllin’ me, ‘cause you ain’t never had a pen like me…

Verse 2:
And when I’m gettin’ raised, I’m never bored, write for days,
I work the page, in word display,
Then you and me are gettin’ back into it, while cats are snoozin’
In the afternoon, I’m packed with fluid, whether black or blue ink,
I sit with all the people whether big or small in ego,
And I would chill at Office Depot,
When filled with lotsa free flows, then I’ma write it down and never quit,
I’m ya friend ‘til the end, don’t care about your penmanship,
And I’m needed in emergencies, if it occurs,
‘Cause your job application requires my signatures,
And when you get a thought make sure to jot that,
Grip me like a glock, and now my tip is gettin’ cocked back,
Just know that when I see you rhymin’ quotes, I’m writin’ notes,
Promise me that you’ll hide me close, if I get broke,
And it’s evident they’re gonna read, what I complete,
Makin’ the lyrics out your misery, ‘cause you got a pen like me…

(Back to Hook)

Keep writin' y'all, keep writin'...
Track Name: Shots Out (Prod. by Furis)
Verse 1:
I fell in love with rap and Hip Hop, before the nine trey,
Way before the ninth grade, in Californi-A,
When naughty lyrics in the house are not allowed
Just a lost child, listenin’ to Doggystyle, walkin’ wild
And prior to the days of Kanye becomin’ famous,
The great hoopla was Snoop Dogg and what his name is,
Doc Dre was signed to Death Row
Then ‘Pac came to light the west coast
A fan and loyal listener, how come I can’t rhyme?
Thinkin’ that the W was just another gang sign,
I’m stuck in traffic, but the jams of Warren G,
Bumpin’ when this freeway be borin’ me,
I couldn’t spectate, wait, better yet, I’ll regulate,
And get the All Eyez On Me double cassette tape,
Controversial, not commercial, sick of Hollywood,
Because I grew up in the era when Hip Hop was good…

(Hook 2x):
Shots out, to all the old school cats,
Who’ve been in the game and didn’t change and know true rap,
Throughout the ages, the fakers have made us go through crap,
Though a different day, don’t let ‘em tame or hold you back…

Verse 2:
And durin’ higher learnin’, I’d start to love the underground
Writin’ early, no worries as chirpin’ birdies come around,
Then I would rap for students who would groove in our room,
We got high and played music to muted cartoons,
Developin’ my lyricism and rhythm, I’m battle ready,
I was rapping messy to a beat that’s sample heavy,
Imaginin a band that’s jammin’ on my rooftop
Who’d a thought I’d use a lot of pen and pad and boom box,
With 2Pac, The Roots, and AZ
A few dropped the truth and raised me
To a higher level with the air to win a marathon,
Better songs got me gettin’ up quicker than Pharoahe Monch,
Carry on, today feces is catered,
The industry forgets and left my species endangered,
Although a label pays you with 10 G,
Signin’ contracts doesn’t make you an emcee…

(Back to hook)

Verse 3:
Shots out to ill cats, still rappin’ for the love of it
Because you’re not killin’ your craft for a couple chips
And if you agree, get buck wild like the Hammer dance
Sag your baggy pants like they just had an avalanche
‘Cause hey now, today’s route has lame clout,
And they doubt I’ll leave this old and gray style that’s played out
Just know that I don’t care, you can call me dinosaur
Rhyme is more to me, if you don’t like it, help me find the door
See, I’m among the children of the archives
A slim kid who’s chillin’ on the Pharcyde
Don’t let the media drown you with how to think
And you bet I’d feel foul if some albums were out of print
It’s Me Against The World gettin’ Doe or Die
I’m askin’ “Do You Want More???!!”, you betta vocalize
‘Cause I was flowin’ back when there was a growing rap trend
I’m just sayin’… Hip Hop was doper back then…

(Back to hook 3x)
Track Name: Little One Pt. 2 (Prod. by Furis)
Ya know, I've always wanted a daughter. And I think I'd make a good Dad. And if God ever blesses me with one, this is what I'd tell her...

Verse 1:
Hey!! Come over here, my pretty little princess!
Muah! Giggle ha ha! Your Dada has been blessed,
You’ll never know how much I rilly, rilly love you,
And if some silly touch you, I’ma make him kiss my knuckles,
A couple things I’ll tell you that a school can’t
Don’t always trust kids who always wear the cool pants
‘Cause people tend to runaway just from the slightest boo boo,
But when it’s bright, they’ll use you and wanna ride your choo choo
Be good to those who don’t have any friends
If you protect the weak, then dad’ll give you everything!
With such a pretty face, but don’t harden that with pride,
‘Cause daddy cares more about the heart you have inside,
And never be afraid, one day you’ll see the world,
Maybe you can DJ or break like a B-Girl,
But for the time being, you’ll be downlow from harm,
‘Cause you’re never leavin’ me until you outgrow my arms!

Marvin Gaye sample "Everyday, Everday"
You bring me so much joy, it makes me wanna grab and hug you
"Everyday, Everyday"
See, if you’re happy, then I’m happy, ‘cause your daddy loves you…
"Everyday, Everyday"
I’ll fight the monsters at night, there’s no need to get mommy
"Everyday, Everyday"
The only way they’ll get you is over my dead body…

Verse 2:
Uh oh, no! You dropped your bottle cutie lady,
But it’s my duty daily, to wash your oopsie daisies,
When you grow up, guys’ll give you lotsa stares
Which means you’re gonna make your daddy lose all his hair,
The boys’ll watch you everyday and jock in many ways,
You see this right here? It’s what you call pepper spray,
But hold up, you know what? Your daddy’s gettin’ so blunt,
I had to let you know, you’ll understand it when you grow up,
But as for now, it’s innocence and kid play,
You giggle in a big way I’m ticklin’ your rib cage,
Think of this day, compared to reigning in ciphers
A baby in life has got me changing some diapers,
Is lady stinky? Like vapor from kimchi?
When days are windy, there’s patience within me,
One thing in life I’m wanting you to know well,
Is your Daddy loves you as if your do-do don’t smell…

(Back to hook)

Verse 3:
Yo, on second thought, don’t wanna see you grown,
Oh no, you better not!! How come you need a phone?
The day you get to walk, I’m gonna be alone!!
I have to set the locks, you’re never leavin’ home!!
Okay, maybe I’m just trippin’, thinkin’ that it’s no good,
‘Cause your daddy doesn’t wanna see you reach adulthood,
Even if you get a husband, and it’s a good pair up,
I still see the little baby that I took care of…

(Back to Hook 2x)
Track Name: 'Til Death Do Us Part (Prod. by J-Dilla)
(Hook 2x):
But just be careful with this thing called love or you could pay for it,
I know it’s tough, but try to think before you jump in a relationship…

Verse 1:
Until death do us part, will I make your parents proud?
We never thought about it before takin’ marriage vows,
It’s inevitable that we’ll trip on what we was,
That’s what the money does while addicted to puppy love,
But beyond that initial contact is life,
‘Cause a man and wife requires long sacrifice,
But the pride issue, turns like the wheels of bicycles,
I’m riddled how you hurt me when feelin’ that I miss you,
Sparks gone, the lovey dovey mood has sobered,
Start actin’ colder when the honeymoon is over,
We went from joy to having ulcers that grow,
It used to be so wonderful when vulnerable,
The voices ask “Does your wife love you?”
But on the OTHer hand, the single life sucks too,
So I bow and PRAY to God to bless us in heart,
‘Cause I’m DOWN to stay until death do us part…

(Hook 2x):
But just be careful with this thing called love or you could pay for it,
I know it’s tough, but try to think before you jump in a relationship…

Verse 2:
Some days I love you, on other days I hate you,
I get temptation, remainin’ stayin’ faithful,
I’m prayin’ I can take bull, impatient and unable to face you,
We gotta wait and think of many ways to stay true,
If I say I’m perfect, then I’m trippin’ and I’m on one,
So mad respect to those committed in the long run,
I’m stiffened when I want some, but listen to the calm ones,
I got this covered like I’m hittin’ it with condoms,
What is it that you want hun? To purchase a place?
See all I really need would be my PERsonal space,
To get a divorce because the greens cease comin’,
That’s basically sayin’ that love in marriage means nothin’,
Provide the tulips? If I had ‘em, I would do it,
But no one likes a person who would act entitled to it,
So I’ma write the music that all can understand,
I don’t shuffle my feet because I’m not a runnin’ man…

(Back to hook)

Verse 3:
This goes out to those who swallow their pride,
Who have a lot of pain, but keep it balled up inside,
To all the married couples contemplatin’ divorce,
To those who pay the lawyers just to TAKE ‘em to court,
To those who try to smile when it’s gettin’ wild and ug-a-ly,
From couples that cuddle then struggle for their CHILD’S custody,
To newlyweds thinkin’ he or she’s lovable,
To those who think, I should’ve SIGNED a pre-nuptial,
To ALL the girls who wanna punch his lights out,
To the man who holds his tongue and doesn’t cuss his wife out,
To those who fight daily while their son plays,
To all the parents tellin’ kids “YOU’LL understand one day”,
Married life is hard, too often sittin’ there sore,
I feel the married couples ‘cause I been there before,
Ladies, treat your men right, men be good to wives too,
I advise you to think before you tell ‘em “I DO”…

(Back to hook)
Track Name: Log On (Produced by The Movement)
Alright, that's it! I'm deleting my account! Whoa... 50 likes?? I got 50 likes!! I gotta check this out!

Verse 1:
Welcome back, where faces stay CAPtured,
Go aHEAD and log IN with your eMAIL and password,
It’s Facebook, the place to lose your SENses,
Lovin’ EVeryone although they’re STRANgers on your friend list,
And OH boy, how we wait and sit for THAT “like”,
Gettin’ NOtified would be the SAME as hittin’ crack pipes,
When you compare yourself to others, POOR them,
It’s pathetic, you feel better for having more friends,
Many likes, you never know what someone’s gonna SAY,
All of a sudden SOMEone’s a celebrity for ONE day,
And in a LONG thread, you’re prob’ly CAUGHT in,
Talkin’ OFten, and pressured to click like on EVERYbody’s comment,
So what is it you post? Some quotes or dope music?
Nothin’ you can think of? Well then, post a FOOD pic,
You tried loggin’ off instead of followin’ your FRIENDS,
But sooner than LAter, you’re gonna log IN again…

It’s a place where your faces can all belong,
You’re enslaved to your page when you’re loggin’ on…
Right here where they see ya,
Like or they delete ya,
Where you can be someBOdy,
Where you can be someBOdy, welcome back…
Loggin’ on, log off, and loggin’ on,
But you’re coming right back and so they all wanna say…
Loggin’ on, log off, and loggin’ on,
Though it’s not reality, I know that y’all gotta stay…

Verse 2:
And HOW about the times that you’ve been gone like a DAY?
Some are madder than hell when you don’t resPOND right away,
But on the OTHer hand, some ACT like they never catch it,
Though it tells you the exact TIME that they read your message,
The newsfeed is DAngerous, where bitter clowns be,
‘Cause you start thinkin’ “Are they talkin’ shit about ME?”
With ONE friend less, at first you’re hostile,
Then spend an hour tryna figure out the person who dropped you,
Facebook, where stressed PEEPS retort,
It’s so popular they callin’ it “F.B.” for short,
To HOLLER at the ladies, the method that’s fresh and easy,
Is to ask for their Facebook, because it’s less creepy,
You got no game? No need to stress or SMOKE somethin’,
‘Cause if ALL else fails, then you can press the poke button,
But CHATtin’ for hours just ain’t a GREAT lookin’ HAbit,
My name is Doc WHISper, I’m a FACEbook addict…

(Back to hook 2x)

(Indistinct sounds of Facebook chatting)
Track Name: Stupid Choices (Prod. by J-Dilla)
Echos of "Stupid choices, Stupid choices" 2x

Verse 1:
Now in my younger days, I used to think I was hard,
SPEEdin’ in my VEhicle, I’d drink in the CAR,
I know it sounds lame, but I still found Jane,
Fell in love, without a brain,
Now, we’d study and we’d talk whenever we’d get stressed,
We’d go everywhere toGETher like we’re bff’s,
But ONE day, at night, RIGHT before I’d SAY later,
She told me that some GUY at a party DATE raped her,
I found him on campus, I would act hella dumb,
As I REACHED IN MY BAG and COCKED back a pellet gun,
He ran off to call the cops, I need bail,
‘Cause the NEXT THING you know, I’m in the Long BEACH jail,
But WHEN I got released, I’d visit Jane, called her house,
Instead of bein’ HAppy, she was shocked I was out,
I saw a MAN there, I was sick of speakin’ calmly,
That’s when I REalized the BITCH had been CHEATin’ on me…

Stupid choices, Stupid choices
Damn, I made a whole lot of stupid choices
Stupid choices, stupid choices
Wow, I made a whole lot of stupid choices
Stupid choices, Stupid choices
Yup, I mad a whole lot of stupid choices
Stupid choices, Stupid choices
Hmmm… I made a whole lot of stupid choices

Verse 2:
ANOTHER time, I couldn’t HANdle my dark thoughts,
And got DRUNK in my ride inside a random parking lot,
I’d start to talk loudly, and had this look,
As I would SCROLL down the numbers in my address book,
I should be glad, that not a SINGLE person picked it up,
I drink the cup, speakin’ GIBBerish, beLLIgerent, and drunk,
At THIS stage in life, I can’t afford to not care,
I’m TOO gone to see the security GUARD there,
He asked for I.D., and I asked why me?
He wrote the license plate NUMber right before I’d leave,
And then he knew, I had a few DRINKS and wasn’t sober,
I drove toward him to make him THINK I’ll run him over,
I went home, but wasn’t full of inner PEACE,
‘Cause now I’m HAND cuffed by the FULLerton police,
But this is what I get for tryna proudly hail mine,
WHO’D a thought a few drinks could be county JAIL time?

(Back to hook)

Verse 3:
StuPIDITY is followed by a clear headed period,
I get delirious before a NEAR death experience,
Ain’t the type to take it all, I never run and hide,
No wonder why, before a GREAT fall comes pride,
And some died, they never gonna reach an OLD age,
I was ALmost 6 feet and underneath from ROAD rage,
‘Cause ONE night, I got myself into another DUEL,
Some punk drove beside me thinkin’ “FUCK this fool!”
We RACED with bravado, hearin’ demons sing along,
He motioned for me to FOllow with his blinkers on,
I’m JUMPin’ out the car, and FOUGHT ‘til the last round,
And thought I had the CROWN because I KNOCKED his ass down,
The sucker RAN away, and I would act like I’m fine,
But I’m COvered up in blood ‘cause I was stabbed 5 times,
And BEIN’ at the hospital’s another NIGHTmare,
That’s what I get expectin’ a PUNK to fight fair…

(Back to hook)
Track Name: Right Now (Prod. by Pete Rock)
We all need prayer. Sometimes we got so caught up in the darkness that we forget God is there. Or sometimes there's so much pain it feels like He's not listening. But He does... And He cares. And whenever I pray, I make sure to think of those who are hurting. And those prayers sound something like this...

Verse 1:
Lord God, thank YOU, for everything,
‘Cause you washed many sins that I been already in,
But right now, I like to pray for those imPAIRED within,
People HURTIN’ inside and need to know you’re THERE with them,
I lift my friend Larry, his baby is gettin’ buried,
Please help him find a way through the pain of the cemetery,
I kneel AND prayyyy, the love of God’ll come through,
I know you feel HIS paiiiin because you lost your son TOO,
And next I’m liftin’ Madeline, she hasn’t been at peace,
She’s been challenged with paralysis from abdomen to feet,
I pray that you would move her with your truth removin’ Lucifer,
And hope You help her see herself the way that YOU do with her,
I pray for Ted who just divorced his wife,
His tears synonymous to rain when it would POUR at night,
THIS SORT of life requires strength from above, and I believe it’s true,
But my friends are losin’ hope and THEY’RE in dire NEED of You…

(Hook 2x):
I start a prayer for my friends RIGHT now…
They’re sufferin’ a lot, so can you send LIFE now?
I’m begging You renew the very strength I found,
RIGHT now… RIGHT now… RIGHT now…

Verse 2:
And I pray, you cover Eddie’s soul when HE sleeps,
It’s hell, because he fell in a coma for three WEEKS,
At this MOment he’s IMPRISoned and I hope he makes it THROUGH,
More important I pray that Eddie’s spirit WILL BE safe with You,
And recently, I know that Jenn has BEEN raped,
I can tell she hasn’t eaten, concealing a thin WAIST,
I pray you heal the hurting ‘cause hope is tough to see,
Luckily, she had the trust enough to open up to me,
But now I’m real WORried, my cousin conCEALS hurting,
Searchin’ in the wrong places ‘cause she doesn’t FEEL worthy,
I pray You break the curses and then remove the lies,
‘Cause I know she’s on the verge of attemptin’ suicide,
A friend of mine’s an addict, I can hear John grieve,
He’s jammin’ NEEdles in his arm, but COvers up with long sleeves,
He wishes he could STOP, but it hurts to STAY sober,
God, PLEASE give him strength until the first day’s OVER,
As FOR myself, sometimes I walk mad,
‘Cause I’m trippin’ on the incident from when I got STABBED,
When hopeless, my goodness, it’s cold and scandalous,
Too hard to focus on goodness from post traumatic stress,
I pray You uplift me and fiiiind the hurrrt within,
I’m askin’ that You give me a liiiife that’s WORTH livin’,
I start prayin’ just to realize how,
I don’t mean to be impatient, but we need you right NOW…

(Back to hook)

Outro 2x:
Whispering "Start a prayer for my friends right now,
Sufferin' a lot so can you send life now?
Beggin' you renew the very strength I found,
Right now, right now, right now"
Track Name: It Isn't Love (Prod. by Speech)
(Hook 2x):
We-just-judge each other by the stuff we don’t have,
It isn’t love, but only money and it’s so sad,
How much you make? What do you do, what kind of car you drive?
Who do you kick it with? But isn’t this a part of life?

Verse 1:
You can’t SERVE God and money at the same time,
So many junkies gettin’ stuck between the gray line,
‘Cause the POWer of the dollar swallows all of US,
We’re wantin’ MORE and MORE without a God to trust,
See, America is ran by corporations,
Who makes MONEY from WARS in poorer NAtions,
But then we GOOOO to WORK to represent falseHOODS,
Then we GO bezerk, and TELL our friends “It’s all good”,
Nothing’s FURTHER from true, they’re tryna murder YOU,
It ain’t conspiraCY THEories because I’ve heard a few,
But this KoREan guy (down) is free of lies (up), read the SIGNS (up),
I POINT sniper RIfles at the ALL see(up)-in(down) eye,
We’re ALL breathin’ fine, but death calls me at NIGHT,
I CALL on to CHRIST who’s inVOLVED in the plight,
With no filter, I start to spread TRUTH,
We’re WITnessin’ the SINnin’ of these KILLers let loose,
And, we’ve BEEN blinded by the false hopes that
That IN time we’ll all in all grow fat
We’re IN line to ball and haul cold cash
But THIS lie reVOLVES and ALL falls flat,
‘Cause we LACK the very FACTS, don’t have WISDOM,
Human BEings broken DOWN because of CLASSism,
CAREless times to what our brother underGOES,
Lovin’ EVERYthing else except for ONE aNOther’s SOULS…

(Back to hook)

Verse 2:
Don’t beLIEVE all you SEE, all you READ, and all you’re taught,
Find the TRUTH when God is sought, then it’s non stop
In case the very meaning of this song might MISS,
To ALL the children sing along like this:
Dee da dee dah, dee da dee da dee hey hey,
Love or money, never lose your honey over payday!!
Dee da dee dah, dee da dee da dee hey hey,
Love or money, never lose your honey over payday!!

(Back to hook)

Choose love. If you ever have to choose between love or money, or whatever else, always choose love. This is Doc Whisper. Thanks for listening y’all.
Track Name: They're Watchin' (Prod. by Dr. Dre)
Verse 1:
Things just ain’t the same, I’m anxious,
‘Cause Homeland Security’s a name I can’t trust,
Privacy invasion is a way that they stamp us,
No answers, they’re comin’ here to chain us in handcuffs,
Snap out of it, Yo! The shit is gettin’ crackin’,
Don’t be indifferent, but get pissed instead of laughin’,
Mind controlling chips are set to track things,
Don’t comply and sit and LET this happen,
They’re buggin’ laptops, to record you,
I know it sounds crazy, but maybe yours too,
They get off and watch you pop like cork screws,
It’d be like another WORLD war if only more knew,
Too many actin’ half blind, though they see it all,
They feed us all with bullshit because we eat it all,
You might ask why they lie and deceive us all,
And the answer to that? We were never free at all…

They’re WATCHIN ALL DAY, YOU SAY I’M on one,
But then the people are lost, we got a problem,
They feed us nothing but lies, before we’re tortured,
Who’s all those men at my door? The new world order…

Verse 2:
Now, a lot of things have happened within the past year,
To create mad fear for those livin’ back here,
Believin’ all the bullshit, there’s whiplash near,
And now I’m seein’ more pussies than a frickin’ pap smear,
But bein’ labeled nuts is the COST of talkin’,
Against the government, with honest THOUGHTS and comments,
I say rest in peace to all the LOST and fallen,
But I know it’s ALL a plot, even the Boston Bombin’,
Locked up forever, can’t affORD to see ya,
40 G’S a hit, but 10 or MORE to free ya,
Makin’ up events and send the POOR to FEMA,
Now the stage is set to be like North KoREA,
The NSA would euthanize me,
Treat the innocent like villains and view your I.D.s,
Terminator 2 is the future I see,
Where the MAIN source of truth are losers like me…

(Back to hook)

Eric Snowden sound clip: "Because even if you're not doing anything wrong, you're being watched and recorded. And the... the storage capability of these systems increases every year" (Gunshot sound)

Verse 3:
Things just ain’t the same, it’s skanless,
I wear my sunglasses to face the cam’ras,
You think to yourself, that there’s no way that they’d plan this,
But chances are that they’ve been tracin’ your hand prints,
An economic downfall is hard to dodge,
Then frustrated men’ll grab a tech and start a mob,
Then civil unrest would spark, set apart from God,
As the government is steadily ready for martial law,
But even if this song’s dope as hell, no one’s listenin’,
With no one prepared for a life with NO dividends,
It’s YOUR door that 5-0 is kickin’ in,
‘Cause the U.S. declared war on its OWN citizens,
They’re takin’ out their guns, freedom’s not allowed,
The people gotta shout, but evil demons got ‘em down,
The feeble walk around and even scream an awful sound,
But I really gotta bounce, I can hear ‘em knockin’ now…

(Back to hook)

Whispering "They're watchin" 3x
Track Name: Writer's Life feat. Jamiah Jordan (Prod. by Trackmasters)
This is for all the lyricists, emcees, song writers, and poets who give their lives for their craft. As independent artists, we face more rejection than most people. But don't let fame and fortune dictate whether you keep writing or not. Just do it because you love it. Jamiah Jordan on the hook. Here's a day in the life of a writer.

Verse 1:
I’m still here, and sportin’ clean fades, I thank God,
I’m writing pages in a way that the complacent can’t dodge,
A homie lost his phone so I leave my 7 d’s,
Scribbled 714 in between parentheses,
Then drivin’ to a L.A. to spots where all are vagabonds,
Where smog won’t dissolve like the walls of Babylon,
I jotted half a song about the fame and the crooks,
Then take a look and press save after I came up with the hook,
I’m late for church on Skid Row, too bad I missed it,
Where hell is parallel and dwells in the fashion district,
It’s antagonistic, these chicks are scandalous as ever,
And they’re clever, never hold a gold digger’s hand forever,
See Cali’s weather might be sunny, but the soul’s dead,
No bread? Get treated like a junkie on the homestead,
A hole in the head, it ain’t the worst way to die,
It’s a person ate alive from when the hurt stays inside…

(Hook 2x)
Jamiah Jordan:
I grab my PEN sittin’ BY the LIGHT,
Turn the melody up as I deSCRIBE my fight,
Let my spirit FLY as I reCITE,
I feel aLIVE at night, this is a wriTER’S life…

Verse 2:
While cruisin’ past the bridge, the buildings are tall and massive,
I’m passin’ with city lights reflectin’ off my glasses,
On automatic I mash and start to drive out,
A night owl who winds down when I be on the 5 South,
So goodbye now, that’s what I tell Los Angelinos,
I’m headin’ back in steelo, free of hell like Captain EO,
I pop the moon roof and evade the speeding cars,
It’s okay to street park, I start to pray beneath the stars,
About an hour past, the powder’s down the hour glass,
In town, I found some hash browns, the chow devoured fast,
Then I bounce back to write ‘cause my lyrics are nocturnal,
I’m still and now I’m feelin’ the spirit of God circle,
My writtens all thorough, what’s the struggle of an artist?
When people call you garbage is the trouble and the hardship,
That’s why I make sure the quality is polished,
‘Cause all I really want would be my song to be acknowledged…

(Back to hook)

(Bridge 2x)
Jamiah Jordan:
I'm alive at night, I light the fire writing...

Doc Whisper:
It's in my veins, it pumps my arteries,
I have to write because it's just part of me...

Verse 3:
Compared to most MC’s writtens, mine are vocally descriptive,
I’m proud of how my rhyme style is noticeably different,
With dopamine that’s in it, I travel the hard road,
‘Cause I live to free the prisoner that’s trapped in bar codes,
I pick a homie up, it’s both of us against Satan,
Revelations, as we both discuss our temptations,
But my friend says, “Don’t let yourself get slow man”,
Before I drop him off to meet his 12 step program,
I peace out, the summer vapor is strong,
I bump my fav’rite songs, and mother nature responds,
I’m catchin’ the attention of a motor bike cop,
The cyclops tellin’ me to pull over the side walk,
He’s checkin’ for some evidence, upset and I don’t need this bull,
‘Cause he’s suspectin’ there’s some weapons in my vehicle,
But then I’m free to go, this cat is frownin’ and livid,
Because he only found some rap albums and lyrics,
Some people misjudge my outward appearance,
Instead of loud and clear, the dummies sound incoherent,
Around a peer of fellas who puff, I lose a point,
Gettin’ offered Buddha but avoid it, I refuse the joint,
It’s time to move the noise and spread what I spit,
I press a thousand copies, and I pray that it blesses whoever buys it,
The skies split, as birds drop then fly back,
As a sign from God that I’ve been on the right track…

(Back to hook)