What Is This? (Prod. by DJ 5DucK)

by Doc Whisper

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Verse 1:
How the hell, am I supposed to not get pissed?
Got rejected from all the jobs on Craigslist!
And a steady career is one I haven’t found yet,
I’ll be sweatin’ the second they run a background check,
They see you dif’rent if your record is tainted,
You’re nameless, and the best of all your efforts ain’t shit,
Since no job’ll hire me, I wait for better days,
If I’m never paid, how will I update my resume?
Exaggerate my strengths and cover up my weaknesses?
But it’s obvious I’m stuck, I’ve run amuck and need a lift,
These greedy ass employers takin’ pride in their titles,
Make ridiculous requirements the size of a Bible,
What do I do? Because I can’t bottom feed,
Wear a Bill Clinton mask and do a bank robbery?
And I don’t have too many friends if you can tell,
The internet’s the only place where I pretend I’m doin’ well…
What is this?

Hook: (2x)
When the interview is done, they butter up the bad news (what is this?)
Wearin’ long sleeve shirts to cover up my tattoos (what is this?)
I’m sick of bullshittin’ ‘cause I’m livin’ broke as fuck (what is this?)
They said they’d let me know if a position opens up…

Verse 2:
My girlfriend won’t admit that she wants a boy,
Because it’s harder the longer that I’ve been unemployed,
I imagine bein’ broke and tryna have a kid or two,
And little bullies tellin’ ‘em “Your dad’s sick of you!!”
I think of suicide, my debt’s a big burden,
If I’m dead, they can live off my death insurance,
But first thing’s first, I’m not an heir to wealth,
My hair smells, ‘cause I’m barely takin’ care of myself,
Applyin’ everywhere, I’m set for more and more failin’,
Only places callin’ back are for door to door salesman,
I’ll panhandle with the homeless, I’ll practice,
At least they get paid without needing to file taxes,
The white picket fence, American dream,
Can cost life in the pen because of arrogance and greed,
If you think I’m doin’ well, like a lot of cash came in,
Then why am I applyin’ for this job application? What is this?

Hook (2x)

Verse 3:
They choose one out of ten and then, let the rest handle it,
So every applicant will claim that they’re the best candidate,
When asked a tough question, I’ma bite the bullet,
But they look at my eyes like I was hiding bullshit,
I’m honest, not greedy, and I rarely pout,
But these are traits that an employer doesn’t really care about,
They only want a profit, they honor the biggest winners,
And to that, all I have to offer is my middle finger,
It’s no surprise our debt is long and fast,
We’ve forgotten’ everything we learned in economics class,
I haven’t gotten hired for a while now,
The unemployment gap in my resume’s a mile down,
I say that I’ve been writing, tryna be a proper person,
But when you translate it, it means I’m not workin’,
Without a job, we’re gettin’ hauled to war,
So now I’m thinkin’ “What the hell did we attend college for?”, what is this?

Hook (2x)


released October 30, 2014




Doc Whisper Los Angeles, California

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